AI Unraveled - Master GPT-4, Gemini, Generative AI, LLMs, Prompt Engineering: A Simplified Guide for Everyday Users

AI Unraveled - Master GPT-4, Gemini, Generative AI, LLMs, Prompt Engineering: A Simplified Guide for Everyday Users

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Discover the Power of AI: Get Your Questions Answered with AI Unraveled - The Ultimate Guide to Demystifying Artificial Intelligence!

Welcome to AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence. In this book, we will explore the world of artificial intelligence and answer the most commonly asked questions about it. From what is artificial intelligence to how it is transforming industries, this book will help you demystify and understand this cutting-edge technology. So let's dive in and unravel the world of artificial intelligence.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

"In this chapter, we'll explore the basics of artificial intelligence, including what it is, how it works, and the different types of AI. We'll also discuss the history of AI and how it has evolved over the years."

Chapter 2: Machine Learning

"Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that involves training computer programs to learn from data. In this chapter, we'll dive deeper into what machine learning is, how it works, and the different types of machine learning algorithms."

Chapter 3: Deep Learning

"Deep learning is a type of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks to learn and make decisions. In this chapter, we'll explore what deep learning is, how it works, and the different types of deep learning algorithms."

Chapter 4: Natural Language Processing

"Natural language processing is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling machines to understand and interpret human language. In this chapter, we'll explore what natural language processing is, how it works, and its applications in various industries."

Chapter 5: Computer Vision

"Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling machines to see and interpret visual data. In this chapter, we'll explore what computer vision is, how it works, and its applications in various industries."

Chapter 6: AI Ethics and Bias

"Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology that has the potential to transform industries and improve our lives. However, it also raises important ethical and bias concerns. In this chapter, we'll explore the ethical implications of AI and the challenges of preventing bias in AI systems."

Chapter 7: AI in Industry

"Artificial intelligence is already transforming various industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and transportation. In this chapter, we'll explore the different ways AI is being used in these industries, the benefits it offers, and the challenges that must be addressed."

Chapter 8: AI and Society

"Artificial intelligence has the potential to have a significant impact on society, from improving our quality of life to transforming the job market. In this chapter, we'll explore the social implications of AI and how it is changing the way we live and work."

Chapter 9: The Future of AI

"Artificial intelligence is an exciting and rapidly evolving field, and its future is full of possibilities. In this chapter, we'll explore the trends and developments shaping the future of AI and what we can expect to see in the years to come."


Chapter 10: Quiz - Introduction to Generative AI

This is an introductory level quiz aimed at explaining what Generative AI is, how it is used, and how it differs from traditional machine learning methods.

Chapter 11: Quiz - Introduction to Large Language Models

This is an introductory level quiz that explores what large language models (LLM) are, the use cases where they can be utilized, and how you can use prompt tuning to enhance LLM performance.

Chapter 0: Latest AI Innovations

Latest AI Trends, Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence with daily AI News updates, Latest ChatGPT Trends, Latest Google Bard Trends, AI Unraveled Podcast Transcript, Latest LLM Trends, Latest AI Jobs and career trends, Latest AI Medical Trends, etc...


GPT-4 vs Gemini: Pros and Cons 

Mastering GPT-4: Simplified Guide for Everyday Users

Advance Prompt Engineering Techniques: [Single Prompt Technique, Zero-Shot and Few-Shot, Zero-Shot and Few-Shot, Generated Knowledge Prompting, EmotionPrompt, Chain of Density (CoD), Chain of Thought (CoT), Validation of LLMs Responses, Chain of Verification (CoVe), Agents - The Frontier of Prompt Engineering, Prompt Chaining vs Agents, Tree of Thought (ToT), ReAct (Reasoning + Act), ReWOO (Reasoning WithOut Observation), Reflexion and Self-Reflection, Guardrails, RAIL (Reliable AI Markup Language), Guardrails AI, NeMo Guardrails]

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Deep-Learning vs Reinforcement Learning in AI, Exploring Instruction-Tuning Language Models

The AI Renaissance; Best AI Sales Tools in 2023; MusicGen AI; Hyperdimensional Computing

AI learns Bengali on its own; Can AI creates 100% accurate reconstruction of history?

AI & Machine Learning: Catalysts for Positive Change or Culprits for Malice?; Best AI Games in 2023

Civilization's BIGGEST Advancement: Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality?

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Risk of AI = Pandemic and Nuclear War

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How to Invest In AI; Are We Unknowingly Creating 'Reptilian' and 'Mammalian' AI?




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